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  • Technical feature:
    (1)The machine working as by-pass oil cycler filtration, could cycler filter the broken and polluted insulation oil, to remove the water, free carbon and oxide on live, also increase the breakdown voltage, make sure the quality of the insulation oil. To increase the working life of OLTC, decrease the times to change the oil, shorten the cost of maintenance, promote the reliability and working economy of the transformer, also easy to maintain.

    (2)The machine could automatically working and control by hand, and could be chosen the working condition by actual situation.
    (3)The machine use the motor and pump integration oil pump, compact and low noise.
    (4)The fault single and working condition could be long distance sent, long distance and set time start, and start with OLTC at one time.
    (5)Good quality filter material, long life design and stable.


    Oil pump rated pressure


    Alarm pressure


    Motor power


    Rated flow





    5~6 class(NAS 1638 standard

    Water content


    Leakage current


    Medium temperature






    Protect grade







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