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  • 1. How fast can you remove water from oils?
  •     Water content seriously affect the oil's quality and uage life.

      The water removal rates of oils are all different and can vary widely. The reason water removal rates are all different is because they all have different viscosities and water removal methods. As a general rule of thumb, fluids of higher viscosities tend to hold water better in suspension.


      for different machine, different sizes of vacuum oil purifier machine, the water removal speed is also different. if the vacuum degree is higher and heating temperature is higher, the more water can be removed. but vacuum degree and heating temperature also can not be too high, or other problems will happen.


     2.   How long will your filters last?


    This is one of the most commonly asked questions.  Filters are changed based on differential pressure, oil's quality or cleaniness, and user's method or frequency, etc...


      The two factors that cause differential pressure are oil viscosity and dirt which we refer to as particulate. We try to size a filter with a clean element pressure drop of less than 0.3 MPa and we adjust for oil viscosity. Therefore, if a filter starts to show differential pressure at a constant flow, then it should be based only on particulate levels. Consequently; to answer the question, you have to know how dirty the oil is you are going to filter. If you do not know how dirty the fluid is, then you cannot answer the question.

      Meanwhile, if you use the machine and filters to purify the dirty oils more often, such as every day, every hour, then the filters are more possible to be blocked or broken.


       Finally, if the user of oil filter machine run the machine by mistake or ignorance, it also will affect the filters' life span.



      3.  What Benefits you can get from our OIL FILTRATION PLANTS?? 


    • Ensures Super-Clean oil at all times
    • Increases machine life by protecting components like Proportional Valves / Servo Valves,expensive pumps, Hydrostatic bearings etc
    • Ensures better machine operation
    • Ensures more production and better product quality
    • Can increase oil life indefinitely
    • Reduces pollution
    • Economical to use and quick return on investment
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