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  • Oil Purifier System for Industrial Lubricants and Hydraulic Oils

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  •                                     Oil Purifier System for Industrial Lubricants and Hydraulic Oils


        Our TYA Series Oil Purifier is a state-of-the-art & on-line industrial oil-purification system that removes free, emulsified and dissolved water and light hydrocarbons from industrial lubricants and hydraulic oils. The unique air/gas stripping technology employed by our Oil Purifier makes it practical and efficient, this oil purifier system outperform centrifuges.


     Applications:     Water Removal and Degasification

       TYA Series Oil Purifier adopts Duplex 3D stereo-evaporation technology whose the evaporation area is three times more than that of normal evaporation technology. This innovation can dehydrate and degas effectively and efficiently.  We bring in UK G technology from Japan which removes not only free water, but also emulsified and dissolved water, keeping compressor, turbine lube oil and hydraulic systems water free.   It will take oil that contains 1800 ppm of water down to a total water content of less than 80 ppm within six passes of the oil through the unit.


      TYA Series Oil purifier System removes dissolved light hydrocarbon gases, such as propane and H2S from industrial lubricants. In refineries and petrochemical plants, an ideal application is the removal of hydrogen sulfide from compressor seal oil. The  TYA Series Vacuum Oil Purifier System returns the viscosity of the lube oil and restores the oil flash point to like-new levels, eliminating the need to dispose of gas-laden and sour lube oils.


    Operational Benefits

      Increased machinery reliability:  no machinery failures due to poor oil quality
      All forms of water removed to below 80 ppm
      Eliminate oil changes by always keeping oil like new
      Eliminate new oil purchases and reduce oil inventories
      Reduce particle filtration:  Water catalyzes rust and corrosion formation, which produces sludge. When oil is maintained with water contamination below 100 ppm, corrosion, rust and sludge are eliminated, and filter changes are significantly reduced
      Zero disposal of waste oil
      No drum disposal

                  Environmental Benefits


                    TYA Series Vacuum Oil Purifiers remove water and gaseous contaminants from industrial lubricating oil without contaminating the environment. All systems are equipped with purifiers that absorb oil from the water condensate before it exhausts from the unit. Documented tests show that the water discharged can be drained into a sanitary sewer because it contains hydrocarbons below eight ppm. (EPA limit is 15 ppm)


                   TYA Series Vacuum Oil Purifier Models and Capacities:


                   TYA-10  TYA-20  TYA-30  TYA-50  TYA-100  TYA-150  TYA-200  TYA-250  TYA-300
                   10 LPM  20 LPM  30 LPM  50 LPM  100 LPM  150 LPM  200 LPM  250 LPM  300 LPM

                        and more...


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