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                    ZNVS series transformer evacuation system/ vacuum pump set is a new type of vacuuming equipment developed and produced by our company. It is widely used in the process of producing vacuum condition for various equipment. Its vacuum pressure can reach much lower than any other products in the same field.



    It is widely used in the vacuuming process in the production, installation and maintenance of many electric power equipments, like electric power transformer, capacitor etc., and is also used in the technical process of     industrial production, such as vacuum drying, vacuum distillation, vacuum wielding, vacuum coating etc.

        It is not suitable for the vacuum process for air and gases containing too much powder, water and oxygen as well as    explosive, corrosive, poisonous and chemical substances.


    Transformer Evacuation systems are classified based on the type of mounting of the system. Following are the types of mounting.


    ·           Skid (stationary) Mounted

    ·           Semi-Enclosed, Full-Enclosed for Weath-proof

    ·           Semi-Mobile type (Castor Wheel mounted)

    ·           Single-stage Vacuum Pumping Set and Double-stage Vacuum Pumping Set are available

    ·           It’s equipped with a control panel for controlling the operation of pumps.

    ·           Consist of necessary high quality pipelines and valves to operate the system

    ·           It adopts automatic vacuum relay for automatic control

    ·           Stable and reliable operation, low noise, and easy to move.

    Transformer Evacuation systems are further classified based on the flow rate/capacity of the system ranging from 10 CUB. MTR/HR to 2500 CUB. MTR/HR.


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